1.What is the minimum inside bend radius for steel wire?

The minimum center line bend radius should be no less than the wire diameter.


2.What is the maximum wire diameter that Blue Grass Metals can bend?

16mm ASTM A510 Low Carbon wire.


3.What is basic steel wire?

Low carbon steel wire in the grades of ASTM A510 1008 – 1020


4.What is partial e-coat?

The practice of only coating the wire in the areas that will be visible in the vehicle. It allows for the portion of the wire to be bare for welded.


5.What are Stainless Steel Surcharges?

When purchasing Stainless Steel products, the Stainless-Steel producers have a surcharge as a price per pound due to the volatility of some of the raw material that go into Stainless Steel. This surcharge is above the base price of the material and changes monthly.


6.What is needed for a wire quotation?

A print of the part, the wire material, wire diameter, and either the mass of wire or the overall length of wire. With these four pieces of information we can quote to standard industry tolerances.